Nr.crt. Perioada de implementare  Nr.contract  Tip proiect Nume și prenume Titlu proiect
1 2011-2017 1D43TW0009122-01 NIH – subaward University of California  Cherecheș Răzvan REMASTER: Research training: socio-economics of mental health service delivery in SE Europe
2 2014 -2017 NUKR.SFPP 98444o NATO Beldean-Galea Simion A model to predict and prevent possible disastruous effects of toxic pollution in the Tisza River watershed
3  2014-2020 RC104441BBU NIH – Subaward Michigan State University Blaga Oana PERSIST: Family smoking cessation in Romania using pregnancy as a window of opportunity
4  2015-2017  1001591621 NIH – subaward University of Iowa  Cherecheș Răzvan RO- CDIRT Iowa non-comunicable chronic diseases research training program in Romania
5  2015-2018 2090 GVA213 NIH –  Subaward UCLA Baciu Călin Reduced Carbon in Earth: origin, forms, quantities and movements
6  2016-2018 30139/2016 Consiliul pentru cercetare în științe humaniste din Canada Mișcoiu Sergiu État et cultures juridiques autochtones: un droit en quête de légitimité
7  2016-2018 634201 Contract de prestări servicii – Imperial college Londra Roth Maria MOCHA – Models of Child Health Appraised
8  2016-2019 32999/2016 Contract prestări servicii – ESA Ajtai Nicolae SAMIRA – Sattelite based monitoring initiative for regional air quality
9 2016-2021 IZ11ZO_166543 Swiss National Science Foundation Bencze Laszlo Csaba PROMIS: MIO-enzyme toolkit for non-natural aminoacid synthesis
10 2016-2021 2D43TW007261-11 NIH – Subaward University of Iowa  Cherecheș Răzvan iCREATE – Increasing capacity in research in Eastern Europe
11 07-09.2017 33130/13.06.2017 Finanțare privată Puscaș Mihai Conserving the endemic flora of the Carpathian Region
12 2017-2018 RC108046BBU NIH – Subaward Michigan State University Blaga Oana Mobile Health: Technology and Outcomes In Low and Middle Income Countries
13 2017-2018 2017-694 Finanțare privată – IHRA Szabo Zoltan Tibori Proof of concept of optical character recognition application to provide access to the most important Romanian Holocaust-related archival documents
14 2017-2019 W001020846 NIH – Subaward University of Iowa Dulf Diana INITIatE: International Collaboration to increase Traumatic Brain Injuries Surveillance in Europe
15 2018-2021 PPI/APM/2018/1/00033/001 NAWA, Polonia Zaharie Monica BUT InterAcademic Partnerships
16 2018-2020 RG92422 Contract cu terți  – Cambridge University Băban Adriana Evidence for Better Lives Study – Data Innovation Pilot
17 2018-2022 36319/20.12.2018

Contract cu terți – Univ. Mannheim

Radu Bogdan

Fighting together, moving apart? European common defense and shared security in an age of Brexit and Trump

18 2019-2020 RC110285UBB NIH – Subaward Michigan State University Dascăl Marina Ethical considerations related to E-cigarette use for pregnancy smoking cessation
19 2019-2020 RC110285UBB2 NIH – Subaward Michigan State University Dascăl Marina Supplement: Mobile Health Intervention for Family Smoking Cessation in Romania
20 2019-2022 34842/4.11.2019 (BN.000598.1.) Contract cu terți – Univ. din Utrecht Baciu Călin ROMEO – Subcontract in the framework of United Nations Environment Programma contract relating to „Measurements of methane emissions from oil and gas infrastructure in Romania”
21 2019-2022 BST-20.072.RO.32.1 Black Sea Trust Radu Bogdan Responding to iliberal vectors in the Black Sea Region (RESOLVE)
22 2019-2022 36244/ 12.12.2018 Finanțare privată – Royal Botanic Gardens Pușcaș Mihai Conserving the endemic flora of the Carpathian region
23 2020-2022 35196/18.11.2019 (NERC Reference NE/T000597/1) Contract cu terți – Univ. Liverpool Rakosy Laszlo Recurrent adaptation to industrial pollution: ancestral diversity and ecological succession
24 2021-2021 0063407 Contract cu terți – Fundația VolkswagenStiftung Cherecheș Răzvan Multilingualism in providing quality mental health care to migrants – needs, resources and practices
25 2021-2022 BST – 21.079.RO44.1 Black Sea Trust Gherghina Sergiu Local Resilience (LOCRES): Piloting Local Resilience Metrics in Romania and Moldova
26 2022-2022 34953/ 16.09.2021 Contract cu terți – Univ. Wien Pușcaș Mihai MICROCLIM – A micro-scale perspective on alpine floras under climate change. Linking observations and models to improve our understanding of the future of European high mountain plants
27 2022-2022 BST-22.091.RO44.2 Black Sea Trust Naumescu Valentin EUXOGLOB 2022-THE EUROPEAN UNION AND NATO APPROACHES ON THE BLACK SEA REGION