Nr.crt. Perioada de implementare  Cod proiect Nume și prenume Titlu proiect Pagina web
1  2014-2017 EEA-JRP-Ro-No-2013-1-0028 Bolovan Ioan Historical Population Database of Transylvania 18501914 website
2  2014-2017 EEA-JRP-RO-NO-2013-1-0358 Giosan Cezar Dcombat: A Computerized Preventative and Therapeutic Intervention for Depression website
3  2014-2017 EEA-JRP-RO-NO-2013-1-0401  Stan Lavinia Snejana The Untold Story. An Oral History of the Roma People in Romania  website
4 2014-2017 EAA-JRP-RO-NO-2013-1-0014 Chiș Olga Early literacy in Roma children from Romania: Predictors, literacy levels and enhancement strategies  website
5  2014-2017 EEA-JRP-RO-NO-2013-1-0259 Cucoș Alexandra Monitoring human impact in show caves – a pilot project on monitoring protocols and remediation techniques to be implemented in Romanian show caves  website
6 2014-2017  EEA-JRP-RO-NO-2013-1-0135 Roba Carmen Applied research for sustainable development and economic growth following the principles of geoconservation: Supporting the Buzău Land UNESCO Geopark initiative  website