The Center for Research Management’s main tasks are monitoring the national and international research projects led by or implemented in partnership with BBU professors and researchers, providing them with technical assistance to properly perform the project activities, and their entire scientific research.

CMCS’s functions are as follows:

  • keeping track of the scientific research units and their research results;
  • the dissemination of the calendar and the documentation required for the internal certification of the research units on different levels of hierarchy;
  • providing technical assistance to the internally certified  scientific research units for their national recognition and certification;
  • gathering the information needed to integrate the research units into national and international research networks;
  • management of research programs;
  • the dissemination of all information concerning competitions for projects, grants, contracts, etc.;
  • providing technical assistance during the course of projects, grants, contracts, etc.;
  • ensuring the cooperation between the administrative divisions of the university, involved in the implementation of the projects;
  • monitoring the running of the projects and the operative informing of the university management  of the progress of each project, in cases where central management decisions are necessary or at the request of the University;
  • records management on scientific research as a whole, using the most advanced IT tools and methods.


Public hours: 9-12
Working hours: 8-16